One Custom is a nimble & independent CRM agency.
Our full service-offering supports our purpose: understanding, catering to, and positively influencing our clients’ best customers.

Supporting Services

CRM Strategy

One Custom understands that first-and-foremost marketing should build business. And business is built with customers! Customer-relationship strategy is the foundation of the One Custom offering. And our skill in building rich customer profile/behaviour databases enhances this strategic capability.

Data Analysis & Visualisation

At One Custom we love playing with and analysing data; it allows us to better understand your business, customers and processes. And this understanding directly informs and drives strategy. We can help with gap analysis and implementing measures to track ongoing marketing efforts.

We also get a kick out of data visualisation – representing data insights in ways that are easy to understand and impactful – whether that is building real-time displays, interactive dashboards, or even creating quirky infographics.

Digital Strategy

In many of our client’ categories, their customers’ path to purchase is full of digital touch-points. And these customer touch-points are evolving with time (very quickly!), so innovation and technology is at the heart of our strategic ability at One Custom.

Content Marketing

Customer programmes rely on value exchange. Part of our approach when developing a value proposition is considering what content is compelling and actually useful to customers (aka real people). It may be content that is entertaining, educational, inspirational or it may just make them feel special.

Creative Services

None of what we do is effective without creative! The fact is, in a world where customers are bombarded with messaging, when communication is not developed to break through the clutter, it is simply ignored. One Custom believes in the power of cleverly conceived creative: the personal communication we develop should always be unique, attractive and compelling.

Outbound, Email Marketing & Digital DM

Having data is the starting point, understanding it helps, but then it needs to be used to positively influence customer behaviour. Outbound channels that enable direct customer communication are often the most effective. And by leveraging digital and data, our list of outbound direct channels grows all the time. Email, SMS, MMS, in-app are the starting point. (Post and outbound phone are also on the list.) But nowadays we can use social (remarketing and matched audiences), web (notifications) and search to target known customers with highly relevant messaging.

Marketing Automation

And now we can trigger Digital DM with Marketing Automation software. In reality, the strategy is the same as for CRM – we use data and insights to drive communication – we just trigger it automatically with Marketing Automation software. The goal is to make certain marketing tasks more efficient: pushing more qualified leads down the sales funnel (without unnecessary human intervention). One Custom can help in developing as well as implementing a Marketing Automation plan – including using or integrating client or 3rd-party software systems. But we’ll only do this if we can drive revenue or show marketing ROI.

Member & Loyalty Platforms

We said it on our homepage – we really like Loyalty. One Custom can help to strategise/conceptualise, build, implement and promote a programme that really fosters loyalty. And we’ll do it using client software/POS, integrating to 3rd-party systems (e.g. rewards/redemption platforms), and/or by custom building new systems – we’ve done all this a few times before.

Web, Mobile & App Development

In many of our clients’ businesses, their owned digital presence is an important part of delivering service or sales. As a digital agency, our primary focus is optimal user experience and accessibility. Our UX and design approach is mobile-first and understands the limitations of users’ handsets and connectivity in Africa. With vast experience in digital production, One Custom can help in designing and building web (this includes mobile), apps, content management systems (CMS), eCommerce solutions, member platforms, or anything else that connects customers online.

Search (SEO & SEM)

For many businesses nowadays, the battle for customers is won with search. We aim to have influence way before that last click; building a full understanding of a customer’s journey, mapping and targeting the moments we need to capture at every step of the way.

Social Media

Following the slightly misdirected Social-as-a-free-marketing-channel frenzy, One Custom will help (re-)prioritise what actually makes sense for your business using social. In the main, Social is a media channel for bigger brands*. And it’s highly effective at reaching known customers or targeting prospects. But we’ll only punt social when it has relevance for your business. (*Sometimes it’s also great as service channels for brands.)

Digital Media Planning & Buying

Where bought digital media is part of the communication plan, One Custom can help plan and implement across search/AdWords, display and social.

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When we talk about data, we’re (mostly) talking about our customers – the very lifeblood and foundation of every business since the beginning of

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When we talk about data, we’re (mostly) talking about our customers – the very lifeblood and foundation of every business since the beginning of
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