Where are the biggest CX gaps for your organisation?

We know that for many organisations making improvements to Customer Experience can be an overwhelming task; there are various interconnected business functions that require specialist and ongoing input to affect change. This is where we come in; the functions listed cover the scope and breadth of our influence for various One Custom clients. Some of our clients need us to get involved in many of these areas, but some of them need to start small and we'll tackle one or two areas where we know improvements will yield the biggest return.
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Areas of Influence​​​​

Do you have a clear view on the paths that your customers take to arrive at a decision?

Are you aware of or have you defined all the touch-points and those that are the biggest influences along a customer’s path-to-purchase or repurchase?

Do technology, systems and/or digital solutions currently serve your business?

Is a customer’s journey with your offering facilitated by systems or digital touch-points? Or could it be made better in this way?
Are you leveraging all your data sources for business development and your product / service decisions?
Do your prospect and customer engagements provide meaningful and useful data? Do you use it?
How important are the Sales and Service Delivery functions and are these functions properly integrated with your business?
Are all the functions that directly deliver your products or service aligned to your business strategy or do they just do what works for them?
Do you communicate regularly and foster relationship with your customers?
Could you be doing more to communicate regularly and reinforce your value to potential or repeat customers?
Does your service offering have a clear package that is communicated clearly and consistently?
Is your entire customer interface – not just campaigns and brochure-ware – considered, clear and consistent? And is it memorable or compelling?
Does the internal team buy into your CX strategy and have your plans been adopted?
Do your team – especially those that interface with prospects and customers – buy in to what your selling and how want that to be delivered?
Do you have systems that enable you to assess customer health?
Are you able to track, diagnose and treat causes of unmet product or service expectations?
Do you have a clear view on what is growing (or detracting) from your business?
How many of the parts of a customer’s journey with your business can be or is being measured?
How well are all the above areas integrated as a functional, cohesive engine?

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When we talk about data, we’re (mostly) talking about our customers – the very lifeblood and foundation of every business since the beginning of
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