Data-driven marketing delivers better experience and improved sales

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Data-driven marketing delivers better experience and improved sales

Data-driven marketing delivers better experience and improved sales 960 540 khabm

For us, the purpose and benefit of data-driven marketing is the ability to connect with customers in ways that grow the relationship, increasing loyalty and margins through a better value exchange [ref]. At One Custom, this statement is the foundation to our Customer Relationship Management (CRM) approach. It is our primary focus when it comes to helping build our clients’ businesses.


Data is the foundation

We always start with a fair amount of customer understanding (often built through data), and from this we build a picture of what a great prospect/customer looks like – their profile, their preferences and the things they respond to.


Relationship Strategy & the Value Proposition for Customers

Building from data understanding, we then define and develop a Customer Relationship (CRM) strategy. This starts with unpacking a customer’s journey with your brand/company – the path they follow from being a prospect, to being ‘on-boarded’ as a new client, to becoming a great customer. Part of this is also to define real value propositions that make sense to these customers. What is of value to them? Why would they be happy to hear from your business?


CRM & Better Sales

Tying this together, we use various technology and software tools to help deliver relevant, targeted communication to individual customers at these key points along their journey. As example, we are also able to use these tools to automatically prompt sales staff to call or engage with customers at important times. And this makes sure that customers feel like they are being looked after with a 1-to-1, personal relationship.


Creative is key

One Custom believes that the value of good creative is fundamental. Even though we’re able to develop great strategies for managing customer relationships and scale a business’ ability to talk to these customers using data and technology, the fact remains that our communication is competing against all the other clutter that customers are bombarded with on a daily basis. Through cleverly conceived creative, the personal communication we develop should always be unique, attractive and compelling. If not creative, our messages will be ignored in this stream (even if it is valuable).



We test and measure everything we do. With data analysis, we carefully examine various customer touch-points (interactions, responses, transactions, etc.) to gain further insight, develop better communication and ultimately to drive better response.


Results & Return

Through vast experience in data and digital, customer behaviour and CRM, we know that this very focused customer approach pretty quickly shows ROI and really grows business.


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