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Good for people, good for business*

In many modern business, knowing, connecting, and doing business with your customers is what the business wants to do. It’s a subtle change in vantage point, but at One Custom, we approach this from a customer-first perspective. So, as a customer, who am I to you, what matters to me, and what do I get from you that is worth it? This is good for people.

Only once we know what is good for people (our customers), do we flip it to define what is good for business. This means, how do we create the Customer Experience to deliver on this? This is about better Experience Architecture, Digital Destination(s), and Data Intelligence. These are the building blocks for great modern businesses and it’s our speciality at One Custom.

*The conjoined triangles of success: Action Jack Barker, Silicon Valley

Good for business solutions

Experience Architecture

The customer journey is greater than the sum of its parts. From the first time a customer engages with an organisation to the conclusion of that journey, customers do not see their experience as a series of individual interactions but rather assess an organisation on the basis on their end-to-end experience.

Experience Architecture solutions:

Digital Destinations​

A customer’s journey with your service offering, including parts of the actual transaction and ongoing service fulfilment, is facilitated by many digital touchpoints. This ranges from the initial online search phase, to information gathering on your owned web properties, and then includes access to customer product self-service portals. A seamless experience is a hygiene factor for customers nowadays.

Digital  solutions:

Data Intelligence​

In modern businesses, deep customer understanding (from data) is the foundation for long-term and sustainable relationships. For us, data informs experience architecture, both for existing customers as well as new prospects. Empowered with first-party data, we align your business goals with its challenges to iterate on customer experience and create a clear growth path.

Data Intelligence solutions:

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When we talk about data, we’re (mostly) talking about our customers – the very lifeblood and foundation of every business since the beginning of

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When we talk about data, we’re (mostly) talking about our customers – the very lifeblood and foundation of every business since the beginning of
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