Helping ‘Laureus Sport For Good’ harness the Power of Supporters

Helping ‘Laureus Sport For Good’ harness the Power of Supporters 960 540 khabm

Written for Media. Published by City Press and South Africa Today.

Customer Experience & Marketing Intelligence agency, One Custom, is helping Laureus Sport For Good South Africa build and grow a network of supporters who will power the organisation’s work for social change with the same fervour that South Africans showed in helping the Springboks claim the 2019 Rugby World Cup title. Launching this week, the Laureus Supporters’ Club is a new initiative that will enable sports fans to not just donate to supporting the organisation’s good causes, but become a part of the Laureus family.

Many South Africans know of the Laureus World Sports Awards, thanks to the Springboks being named Laureus World Team of the Year for 2020 – but few know that the organisation also uses the power of sport to support an array of community projects in 35 countries around the globe. The organisation supports 25 projects in South Africa and has raised R80 million since inception, largely with the help of its network of sporting greats including Bryan Habana, Natalie du Toit, Amanda Dlamini, Jacques Kallis, Ryk Neethling, Lucas Radebe, Cameron van der Burgh and a host of other stellar names.

One Custom have considerable experience in building member platforms and driving engagement with fans by offering the opportunity to be part of something they hold so close to their hearts. Director Paul Geary says that nothing unites people like a sense of belonging, and supporters’ clubs offer us the chance to become part of something we love. “Initiatives like the Laureus Supporters’ Club are about supporting, not simply giving,” he says. “Joining a supporters’ club offers the chance to become part of a team, working towards a common goal – and sharing in that sense of achievement when you achieve the shared aim”.

Geary says that the mechanism for supporting the Laureus Supporters’ Club ensures that it will continue to grow and be able to support its community projects more sustainably. “Supporters can sign up for a monthly contribution, which gives them the opportunity to be continuously involved with the work that Laureus does,” he says. “Long-time Laureus partners Mercedes-Benz have donated a vehicle which supporters can win by joining the Supporters’ Club at inception – which is a wonderful incentive – but we believe that supporters will also sign up for the tangible benefit of making a continuous personal impact in the communities in which the organisation works. For the supporters, there’s a tremendous sense of belonging to a cause, and for Laureus, there’s a chance to build a diversified revenue-generating model that will help it grow its initiatives”.

The Laureus Supporters’ Club ( website has all the details on how to join and support the tremendous work the organisation does in communities across the country.

One Custom: Agency Identity Branding Logo Renamed

Enter One Custom

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We introduced ourselves by a different name… Well, for good reason, we’re ditching it for a new(er) label…

Other than the name, we’re still the same expert CRM/CX, digital and data team. But as the subject line suggests, we are unHITCHed and now officially One Custom.

Here’s the back story to the name change…
Put simply, we were unnecessarily competing for brand affinity with another friendly crowd with a similar name – and we didn’t want anybody to be confused about who we are. So, we decided to change our name. Enter One Custom and say goodbye to that-other-name.

In just 17 months we’ve built a solid offering, we’ve got some great clients and we’ve started to scale. In that short time, we’ve also built a pretty strong brand, so before we waste any more time on building a following for someone else as well, we thought we’d take the plunge and rebrand. One Custom is where we’ve arrived and where we’ll stay.

Still reading? Then we’ll take the opportunity to brag a little…

In our first 17 months:
We’ve grown the love for one of South Africa’s most popular sports and we’ve built a home for the Proteas’ most loyal fans. We’ve helped local and international travellers find the perfect holiday destination. We’ve encouraged students to study. We’ve built team spirit at schools around the country… We’ve won some big pitches. We’re working with some other big local agencies and we’ve started growing our own strong team… We’ve also had some early acquisition interest (way too early for us, but it’s always nice to be chased)… and we’ve been viewed as a serious threat by some big local agencies (read between the lines on this email ? ).

Thank you.

If you were one of our first clients, thanks for getting in on the ground floor and for trusting us so far!

If you’re one of our partners/suppliers, an even bigger thank you for your support. We couldn’t have got to this point without you.

And if you’re still toying with the idea of taking your business to the next level… Give us a shout. If you’re any good, we’ll help you grow.

Wishing you all a successful 2019!